Abstract Submission

Deadline 15 June 2024

Abstract submission deadline 15 June 2024 23:59 CET
It is important to follow the guidelines below to avoid rejection of an abstract.

  • Structured abstracts, financial disclaimer and the text of the abstract in MS Word format must be submitted electronically via E-mail or online
  • Include a short CV and a photograph when submitting your abstract
  • Please submit a Speaker’s permission form
  • Registration for the congress is required when submitting an abstract. All presenters must be registered for the congress no later than 30 days prior to the commencement of the congress
  • According to the policy of the Southern African Society of Cataract & Refractive Surgery all presenters will be responsible for their own registration fees, hotel, and travel expenses. We regret that we cannot waive registration fees or sponsor the presenters’ expenses.

Grants, financial support and proprietary interest

  • Any financial interests related to the presentation must be disclosed. Disclosure information must be submitted when an abstract is submitted.
  • Interests include any relationships the presenter may have with manufacturers of commercial products discussed in the presentation, panel or written materials.

Authors’ Agreements

By submitting the abstract, the author confirms and agrees to the following:

  • All authors approve submitting this work for presentation.
  • The authors have done the work reported in the abstract and take full responsibility for the contents.
  • The authors transfer all copyright ownership of the abstract to the SASCRS Congress.
  • If the presenting author has to be replaced, the Committee will be notified without delay.
  • The authors guarantee that clinical studies and any animal tests have proceeded with the official approval by the relevant institutional review board, and any other relevant authorities.

    Research governance and good clinical practice

    It will be taken for granted that good clinical practice is observed in the conduct of all research. This applies especially to clinical studies involving patients and patient care, and includes the understanding that the appropriate ethics committee approval has been secured.


    • Abstracts will be reviewed and evaluated by the Academic Program Committee.  Decisions will be notified by E-mail reply.
    • Each abstract will be carefully evaluated for presentation at the congress: The Academic Program Committee will make every effort to accommodate all qualified abstracts within the program.  

      Scroll down and read full guidelines.
      Queries: Christi Truter Email: abstract@sascrscongress.co.za (Alt: christitruter@me.com)

      Main Programme

      Please note the following when submitting abstracts for the Main Programme

      • Only papers by Ophthalmologists and Registrars will be considered for presentation
      • Submit your abstract online or send the text to Dr Ed ANDERSON by E-mail: edanderson8@gmail.com
      • Abstract or programme queries / questions:  Dr Ed ANDERSON by E-mail: edanderson8@gmail.com

      Nurses & Asistants Programme

      Please note the following when submitting abstracts for the Nurses and Asistants Two-day Programme

      • Submit your abstract online or send the text to Dr Ed ANDERSON by E-mail: edanderson8@gmail.com
      • Abstract or programme queries / questions:  Dr Ed ANDERSON by E-mail: edanderson8@gmail.com

      Speaker’s Permission

      Please complete a permission form in order to give your consent that we may publish your presentation on the SASCRS website. If you do not give consent your presentation will NOT be published.


      1. The congress delegates will receive a password to view and/or download the document/s.
      2. If we do not receive your permission, your presentation/s will NOT be published.

      On the form mark the appropriate statement and sign the form before returning it to the congress office E-mail: christitruter@me.com


      The preliminary main topics for discussion (although not limited to)
      in the scientific sessions are:
      1. CATARACT
      • Biometry and IOL Power Calculation
      • Cataract Surgery Techniques
      • Cataract Surgery Paediatric
      • Cataract Surgery Complications & Management
      • IOL’s – Monofocals, Torics, EDOF’s & Trifocals and others
      • IOL’s – Scleral Fixated
      2. CORNEA
      • Ocular Surface Disease
      • Keratitis
      • Keratoconus and Secondary Ectasia
      • Collagen Crosslinking
      • DALK and Penetrating Keratoplasty
      • Endothelial Keratoplasty
      • LASIK
      • PRK
      • LALEX (Laser Assisted Lenticule Extraction)
      • Presbyopic Laser
      • Phakic IOL’s
      • Corneal Inlays
      • Refractive Complication Management
      6. OTHER

      Audiovisual & Technical Details

      Presenters will receive a document with technical details prior to the congress. 

      While planning your presentation, please keep the following in mind:

      • All presentations must be in Powerpoint and all videos must be embedded into the computer Microsoft Powerpoint presentation (for video, windows, moviemaker format, Mpeg format or AVI with Indio compression Codec are recommended: if other unusual Codecs are used, please bring or send the Codec with your presentation as well.
      • All presentations must be loaded, via data USB key or other electronic transfer onto the host computer at the latest, the day before the presentation.
      • With morning presentations, loading must be by 5 pm (17:00) on the previous evening.
      • With the help of the support staff it will be possible to preview the loaded presentation.
      • Speaker’s review room will be available to all presenters.

      Abstract Guidelines

      Mode of Presentation

      Final determination of the mode of presentation and placement within the program will be the responsibility of the Academic Program Committee.

      1. Free paper – oral presentation (8 – 10 minutes)
      2. Rapid fire tips presentation (3 minutes)
      3. Poster presentation
      4. Video presentation
      5. Master class
      6. Instruction course
      7. Workshop
      8. Wet lab

        Submitting an abstract

        • Structured abstracts must be in clear concise English and submitted online.
        • The author is responsible for using correct grammar and spelling.
        • The abstracts will be published on the SASCRS website.
        • Figures, tables, charts, references or illustrations must NOT be included in the abstract.
        • Abstracts received by fax WILL NOT be accepted. Submit Abstracts electronically.
        • You may use “copy” and “paste” when entering the body of your abstract into the template.

        Abstract structure

        • Category
        • Preferred mode of presentation (oral / poster / video / course / workshop / wet lab)
        • Title (max 30 words)
        • Authors & Affiliations of Authors. The first author listed should be the presenter.
          (Workshops and courses: List all participating speakers)
        • Body of the abstract (max 200 words)

        FREE paper ORAL presentation of research results or interesting cases

        Duration: 8 – 10 minutes

        The session moderator/chair will lead a discussion following the presentation or session.

        Abstract must include:

        • Objective/Purpose
        • Materials/Patients
        • Methods
        • Results and Conclusion

        FREE paper RAPID FIRE presentation on surgical tips

        Duration: 3 minutes, followed by 1 minute discussion
        • Oral presentation with slides and/or video
        • Present a subtle surgical tip useful in cataract or refractive surgery

        POSTER presentation of the latest research results in the field of study

        Authors must bring their posters to the Registration desk and put it up before the lunch break on the 1st day of the congress.

        • Space will be allocated in the Exhibition Area for posters to be on display for the duration of the congress.
        • A lunch break will allocated to the Poster Presentations. Presenters will be required to stand at their posters to explain their posters to delegates and answer any questions. The day and time will be published in the Final Programme.

        VIDEO presentation of a new examination, investigation, or technique or an interesting case, and how it was managed

        • Duration 1 to 5 minutes
        • The session moderator/chair will lead discussion following the video presentation or session

        Abstract must include;

        • Suggested list of speakers
        • Objective
        • Synopsis describing the content of the course/wetlab/workshop
        • Target Audience (Ophthalmologists, Registrars, Nurses, Assistants, etc.)
        • Educational level and goals


        Abstract must include;

        • Suggested list of speakers
        • Objective
        • Synopsis describing the content of the master class / course / workshop / wet lab
        • Target Audience (Ophthalmologists, Registrars, Nurses, Assistants, etc.)
        • Educational level and goals